Thursday, November 21, 2013



Yes, I mean it! But only for HER...

Well, not really in a good mood when I'm writing this post. A bit sad and lonely. Haishh!

If you read this, I just want to know why you did this to me? Why you break my heart? Why suddenly you become like this? Why you make your own decision? Why you never think about my feeling? Why you never think about our mission of being together? Why you think our lovely memories and said that you still want to be with me? Why...? Why...? Why...?


My story. I think you guys can guess my situation now. But if you don't know, can asked your friends or Google search. Hahaha!

I did a small mistake during my trip to Beijing, China (NOT WHAT U THINK OKAY!). Well, its all about birthday wish. Not because I forgot the day. Just a bit late to wish her birthday.

Well, I didn't mean it. I wish her birthday 4 days late, but I already wish her 4 days earlier before my departure. But I wanna make some surprise for her. I bet you all will do the same think for your love one. But this time is my bad. I should thing twice before I did that. SUCH A FOOL OF ME!!

She's really a nice girl that I ever meet in this cruel world. She took care of me when I in lost. She did everything for me. She make me happy & laugh a lot. She's very pretty too =) But I always make she cry, mad at her without any reason & anyhow scold her. My bad =( But i LOVE her.

"You guys have same face", "You guys is a cute couple", "You guys like twins". The words that people said to describe how sweet we are as a couple. Honestly, I'm proud. Yes! we really a cute and crazy couple. One more time, I'm proud, proud with this relationship.

But now, it's all over. I don't blame her who made this decision. I respect. I admit it is my fault. I am sorry. But I don't understand why we can do like other couples do. Sit together and discuss, and try to fix a problem between each other.

Hmmm..there's still some space in my heart that i reserved it for you. I hope, I really hope that we can get back together as a cute couple.

Guys if you read this, please help me to tell her that I love her so much. Tell her that I wait for her everyday. Tell her to forgive me, because I will forgive her for what she did. Tell her that she really important in my life.

I think that's all. Can't stop this tears of man.
Last but not least. Dear my love Nadia Yushalini, if you read this, you are everything for me. 3 years I try to catch you. I did all my best for 3 years to make you happy. But if you are not happy with me, please... GIVE ME A CHANCE. I'LL FIX IT ALL. 

All i asked for is a chance.... =(

Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's been a YEAR!!!


WaaaaaaHhhhhhh...!!! Haha...!!!

Sorry, sawan sekejap.
It's been a year X masuk dalam blog CAMERATUA ni and update something.

Start to thing that this blog name SUCKS! 

Well, a lot of thing happened and changed to me, my family, my friends & people around me during past 1 year.

SO DON'T HOPE...!!! HAHA...!!!

But thank to Allah, they all being well, except people around me! =)

Well than,
We will see how. Since that I have a new SAMSUNG notebook (Credit to SAMSUNG).

I Just F***ing Love Samsung Brand...!!!

Some more, nowadays got so many things to do and to be done.
-A lot of work.
-A lot of responsibility.
-A lot of MONEY.
-A lot of SLEEP...!!!

I'll update something if I have time!

p/s: .....zzzzZZZzzzZzz.....